How to disable facebook messenger calling

Facebook recently introduced video calling feature for make communication better. But people want to Disable this feature because people are receiving. I have recently discovered that people can use the messenger function to call my mobile, without even having my number. How can I stop this from happening. I have never, ever, ever, ever pushed the little phone icon actually wanting to call someone. I always hit it by mistake and it's really awkward, please can I turn off.

It's the version of butt dialing—accidentally placing a call to a friend through Facebook Messenger. And to make matters worse, the calls placed with. Countless people are trying to figure out how to turn off incoming Facebook Messenger calls, or at least reject Freecall (the “feature” that allows. You can stop Facebook Messenger from logging your calls and texts, but you can 't do so without also disabling contact syncing.

The only settings you can restrict on F.B Messenger is not link your phone . You can only disable voice/video calling on the browser version of. As convenient as Facebook Messenger can be for private messages and phone calls, sometimes we could all use a break from the constant.