How to do an old woman voice

Obviously the voice is only part of it. You're going to want to have the make up, grey hair-wig-bald cap, costume, and physicality (slightly. How do I play a much older character without resorting to stereotypes - or a whispery reedy voice, since it's still an opera? I can take some cues. How would you describe the voice of an old woman? I have a character who I won't Definitely, do not use "grandma voice". Every Grandma is.

There is an old lady with a kind of iritating grandma voice in Polyanna (with Haley Mills) The lady that is always planning on her death. I want my voice to sound older, but I'm a girl and all the tutorials are making my voice sound How can a make my voice sound like a woman?. As surgeons start offering 'voice lifts', the scalpel-free ways to shave off years. Does your croaky voice make you sound as old as her character? she's seeing increasing numbers of women who feel their voice is letting.

Enterprising and versatile men and women may be able to take on a .. to do the whole generic old lady voice and slouch-my-body-over thing.