How to find catfish on a fishfinders

I get hit with a lot of questions about sonar fish finders from anglers. These questions always cover a wide variety of topics, everything from how to. They are scavengers by nature, so catfish will eat basically anything they find. Catfish may also be called polliwogs, mudcats, and chuckleheads. Catfish do not . Catfish are freshwater fish, so you can always find them outside river bends, wing dikes, river holes and the mouths of tributaries. You'll also catch more than a.

I personally don't use my depth finder to locate fish. I use it in a process to locate spots that have all the elements that the catfish are attracted to. I'v never tried this but was toled that to get a bottom hugging catfish to .. i have yet to find a fish finder that is easy to read and understand but.