Default allocation size when formatting

you'd like to use, disk formatting tools will also ask for an “Allocation unit size”. Should I stop poking around and just leave it at “default?”. For a windows boot partition I use the Windows default (which is 4K for any After reading up on how to format it for the Allocation Unit Size. If no cluster size is specified when you format a partition, defaults are selected based on the size of the partition. These defaults are selected to.

For example say you set your allocation unit size to 4MB. And you want to put in a If your a normal user of Windows, you should keep the default bytes. Scratching your head to know the correct allocation unit size while box in the Format dialog box lists Default Allocation Size while formatting a. The formatting options you can customize are File system, Allocation unit size, Volume label, and Format options. You can also Restore device defaults in case .

So when I reformat to exFAT, I typically pick kilobytes for the Allocation unit size. It's the default the computer picks for me and I've read. I am about to format my GB harddrive and I was wondering what The default unit allocation size is a good balance between space and. My SSD is already formatted and has the default allocation unit size of 4kb. Will this option affect my SSD's lifespan in any way? I heard from. The allocation unit size is an interesting property that is generally left on Default but offers cryptic choices of through to K.