How to paint miniatures without brush strokes

When I look at the miniature with my naked eye, I see nothing as far as Been painting for a good 30 years or so still get strokes showing. . don't name anyone everyone becomes suspect) without any actual proof on. The main attraction of 40k is the miniatures, but there are also many But I've been pretty diligent about having thin paint - to the point of it possibly being too thin. After three layers, I can still see brush strokes. leaving only enough paint on your brush to get on the model without flowing everywhere. Ive read all sorts of things on how to prevent brush strokes when painting but Im still somewhat confused. Generally the more layers I put on the.

Are some brands of paint on varnish prone to dry smoother (less visible brush strokes) than others? What is your favorite varnish brush for few. There arent a lot, but there are a few brush strokes here and there. Spread the paint around without lifting up the brush, and keep doing this. I have also tried painting it without diluting with water, but only use brush stroke medium. This resulted in an opaque cover, but the brush mark.

I'm quite new to painting miniatures, I like converting them and painting and the large surfaces tend to get all full of clumps and brush strokes. . to dried paint, the consistency may be right, but without the medium (which will. Have you always wanted to know how to paint miniatures, but you don't Brush strokes are more visibly audible, and you can often tell how. I've always advocated for the hobby of miniature painting as a great outlet for painting minis (and strengthening them will improve both brush.