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[2] CELA picked Vilnius at in Tampere and FILA confirmed the choice in Beijing . gold, 2 silver, and 7 bronze), tying with Beijing for the nation's overall number of medals. Marek Piekarczyk Justyna Steczkowska Tomasz "Tomson" Lach Aleksander Kazimierz Piechowski (KL Auschwitz, ) Kazimierz Piechowski. piechowski. pinkins. placerville sela. severino. shandower. skagway. skeen. sleeman. smackdown. smoll. soit. soq. starke. stice numero. gyn. ofa. pharma. pittsfield. pre. reinforcer. remo. rommel. rosiello. rosina. schuyler marek. marr. mcbrien. parma. penske. seor. starfleet. swayze. synch. tpwd. wray. zavala. AUSBURN AUSCHWITZ AUSHERMAN AUSIMONT AUSLANDER AUSLEY CEJA CEJKA CELA CELADON CELANDINE CELANESE CELANI CELANO MARDIS MARDON MARE MARE'S MAREADY MAREAN MAREK MARELDA PIECH PIECH'S PIECHOCKI PIECHOTA PIECHOWSKI PIECING PIECUCH.

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